You’re thinking, “Should I reaaaaly book an engagement photoshoot?”

Heck yeah! Let me tell you why…

1. You get to know me as a photographer.

We probably don’t know each other. The odds are that you found me on the internet. We’ve sent a few emails back and forth. We can chat about your wedding, how you met and generally have a lovely time so that by the end of the session, me being present on the most romantic day of your life feels a lot less awkward.

2. Get more comfortable in front of the camera.

I’m not one of those photographers that will leave you and say, ok do what you usually would do, and then start shooting. I will always help you along, show you where the light is beautiful and give you easy and fun tasks to do. For example: Hold hands, walk down the pathway, and halfway stop and kiss.

3. You can use these images.

Yes, you can post all the fantastic images of the two of you on Instagram/ Facebook, but you can use these photographs for so much more:

  • You can use the images for sending out ‘Save the Date’ invitations.
  • In a guestbook where your guests write well wishes for you.
  • It can be used for a slideshow during your reception.
  • And of course, you can print one of your favourite images onto a canvas and hang it somewhere where your guests can see how amazing it looks.

4. You get to dress up and have a ball with your favourite person.

After every engagement photoshoot I’ve done, the couple always say, ‘that was not so bad, we actually had fun.’ You get to be together, forget about the wedding planning for a while, and have fun. In the end, you have some great images of the two of you.

5. It is free – included with any of my packages.

I think engagement portraits are so important that I include a pre-wedding shoot in all of my wedding packages. The engagement shoot is all about you, getting comfortable in front of the camera and having fun.

5 reasons why you should do an engagement photoshoot