Anrize’s Matric Farewell

Waterkloof Matric Farewell at Kitty Hawk Aerodrome

A Matric Dance and a sleek red helicopter ride!

Anrize and her school friends from Waterkloof Hoƫrskool decided to make their matric farewell shoot, a glamorous affair.

We first started with Anrize on a beautiful farm to capture her, on her own, in her royal blue gown.

From there we moved to Kitty Hawk Aerodrome where we met with a group of her friends for a group photo shoot.

In the end, two of the friends departed in a sleek red helicopter. This was a first for me. Wow, I loved it.

It is so much fun to work with excited, dressed-up young people, who are looking forward to an evening of dancing, laughing and celebrating their journey together as high-school students.

This was a matric farewell photo shoot with style.