General Wardrobe Recommendations

-Confidence is so important. Choose your outfit so that you are comfortable and makes you feel your best.

-Darker coloured for tops are best for lighter skin as they add contrast.

-Lighter coloured tops are best for darker skin.

-Avoid wearing all white, unless you wear it with a suit jacket or sweater on top as it tends to lose detail on a white background.

-Bring an extra jacket, scarf to have additional options for different looking images.

-Don’t choose outfits that have excessive patterns, bold stripes or logos. Solid colours are the best.

-Watch the neckline. V-necks are great and accentuate your features, avoid going too low.

-Remember to remove everything from your pockets such as wallets, keys and phones as they can be visible in photos.

-Avoid sleeveless tops. Ladies always look more elegant with sleeves.

-Smile: The key to a wonderful business headshot is to smile.

-It might take you a few moments to feel comfortable in front of the camera, but once you’re relaxed, look straight down the lens and think happy thoughts. That feeling will show up as a beautiful smile in your mouth and your eyes.

-Jewellery: Choose simple earrings and necklaces. Keep the focus on the face. Big statement jewellery takes away from the headshot.

-Enjoy it: With a professional photographer taking your corporate images, you will have some great looking images to update your Linkedin Profile and all your other social media platforms.

corporate profile picture
corporate profile picture
corporate profile picture